Pixel vs. Rem: A Summary
Calculation & Converter
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Fixed unit, looks the same size on all devices. Ideal for precise sizing. Can lead to inconsistent sizing on different devices due to varying screen densities. Difficult for users to resize text.
Relative unit based on the root element's font size, so text and elements scale proportionally across different screen sizes. Helps create a consistent user experience across devices. Easier for users to resize text.
Less precise than pixels. Rem sizes can change if users change the root element's font size.
Which unit should you use?
The unit you should use depends on the specific requirements of your project. Pixels are ideal for elements that require precise sizing, while rems are better for creating a consistent user experience across devices. In general, it is recommended that web designers use rems and only use pixels in special cases. Using rems can help ensure that your website looks good and is accessible to users on a variety of devices.
Additional tips
Use a CSS reset to ensure that all browsers start with the same font sizes. Use a font size that is appropriate for the content and the target audience. Allow users to resize text to their preference. Test your website on a variety of devices to ensure that it looks good and is easy to use.
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